We are Yuzu Labs

A Public Benefit Corporation

Yuzu Labs is a technology company building software for clinical research. Our mission is to accelerate research and make it a part of everyone's daily life.



Yuzu Labs was founded with the audacious goal to democratize and accelerate human subject research.

People are at the heart of advancing healthcare. Without people to participate in research, no drug, device, or human insight can be developed and proven. However, researchers in academia and industry continually struggle to find and engage participants. We believe current methods are outdated and ineffective; they create distrust, unnecessary barriers, and undermine the what, why, and how of participation.

Participation in research is altruistic, contributing to the greater good. We believe we must be the change we seek in the world, therefore, Yuzu Labs is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation. This allows us to harness the power of a private enterprise for public benefit.

At Yuzu Labs, we strive for balance and perfection that inspires. We are nimble, purposeful, and tenacious. Please, feel free to reach out with any ideas or remarks you may have. We’d love to hear from you.



A clinical research recruitment and engagement platform. StudyPages connects people with clinical research and makes participation and management easier and more collaborative.

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A scheduling platform for clinical research recruitment. Connect more meaningfully with participants, streamline referrals from sponsors and CROs, and boost productivity at clinical sites.

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Eron Villarreal
Co-Founder, Yuzu Labs
Eron holds a computer science engineering degree and has broad experience in Silicon Valley startups spanning search, mobile advertising, electronic medical records, and medical device development. At Yuzu Labs, Eron manages all things tech with a passion for quality, teamwork, and technology-driven problem solving. After college, he lived in Japan for 5+ years, where he built a new life from scratch and became a hybrid of American and Japanese values.
Koen De Lombaert, MD, MBA
Co-Founder, Yuzu Labs
Koen has medical and business degrees and worked in life sciences, bioinformatics, business development, marketing, and product management in academia, startups, and at Roche Pharmaceuticals. Koen enjoys technology and UX design and builds wireframes for new product ideas.
Devin Villarreal
Lead Developer, Yuzu Labs
Devin has extensive experience in Android and iOS mobile development, graphic design, web, and databases. He develops the frontend and backend for all of Yuzu’s mobile and web applications.